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QE Foodstores Community are Proudly Local

We are aware of and take seriously the role each QE Foodstore and its team has in the local economy, and we strive to support each community.

We strongly support Australian farmers, and 97% of our fresh produce and 100% of our fresh meats are Australian grown and owned by Australian farmers.

Most of our dairy products are also from Australia including home-made organic ranges.

Looking after our Planet

Sustainability is very important to us, here at QE Foodstores and we are rolling out some new approaches across all our stores.

We adopted a no single-use plastic bag policy in 2018 and our customers really supported our initiative and stance.

We only provide brown paper bags in our fruit and vege section.

In June/July 2019 we rolled out new Eco-Friendly & Sustainable product ranges and have converted our QE Fresh cut range of salads, fruit, and veg into Biopack sustainable packaging. Plans are also underway to change all our produce trays into sustainable options.

Last year we removed all single-use plastic bags and only provide brown bags in our produce section.

Instore, our fridges and equipment are environmentally friendly and have high-energy ratings. We are very careful and conservative with our gas and electricity use to minimise our carbon footprint and any contribution to the greenhouse effect.

You can find our QE Foodstores Sustainability Policy in each store and can also find our here. QE Foodstores Sustainability Policy

QE Foodstores Brown Paper Bags - Community - QE Food Stores

QE Foodstores
Brown Paper Bags ONLY  in produce

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Eco Friendly products In Store - Community - QE Food Stores

New ECO Friendly Products In Store

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Eco Friendly & Sustainable Packaging - Community - QE Food Stores

New sustainable QE Fresh Cut packaging

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Giving Back

At QE Foodstores we believe in giving back to the community as a responsible business.

We donate our fresh bread, produce, meats and more to Oz Harvest who delivers it to the homeless and other people who are in need of food. We also donate to The Food Pantry and local schools, colleges and churches.

I Love Darlo - Local Community - QE Food Stores

Public School

Waverly Public School - Local Community - QE Food Stores

Public School

The Food Pantry - Community - QE Food Stores

The Food Pantry
Addi Road


Sancta Sophia College Thank You Video - Community - QE Food Stores

Sacta Sophia College
Graze to Raise Charity Thank You Video

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Glenmore Road Public School - Community - QE Food Stores

Glenmore Road
Public School

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