Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does your name, QE Foodstores, stand for?

The “QE” in our name stands for “Quality and Easy”. Our purpose is to make quality food shopping easy for our customers. The customer is at the heart of everything we do – everyday.  We offer a premium product range and promise to deliver the freshest fruit and veggies direct from the markets. Our helpful staff are trained to assist and guide your quality shopping experience.

Where can I find you?

QE Foodstores are located across Sydney, and we are constantly adding more local shops. Find your nearest store on our locations page here. You can also email us at and we will guide you to your nearest QE Foodstore.

What are your opening hours?

Our different store locations are open 7 days a week and are open between 7am and 9.30pm. Some neighbourhoods may have slightly later hours and you can find out more about each store location here.

Do you sell fresh fruit and vegetables?

At QE Foodstores we pride ourselves for our fresh and quality fruit and vegetable.  Our team go to the local Sydney Markets several times a week to ensure that our product is as fresh as possible for you. Our team constantly ensure only the best fruit and veg is on display in our stores.

Can I get organic fruit and vegetables at your shops?

Yes – we currently offer a range of organic fruit, vegetables and grocery items at our stores and it may vary at times depending upon what is in season and available at selected locations. Please check with your local store for what’s currently in stock and you can contact the stores and find out more here.

How often do you go to the markets for your fresh produce?

Many times a week we pick the best fruit and vegetables available in Sydney. We believe that fresh is best and take pride in only selling the best quality fruit and vegetables at our stores.

Can I buy organic goods at your stores?

Yes – our product range includes many organic fruit , vegetables and general grocery items. Please check with your local QE Foodstore and advise them of your needs. The range of organic products will vary seasonally.

I need gluten-free / vegan / vegetarian products. Can I get them at QE Foodstores?

Many of our customers want or specialised products such as Gluten free and Vegan. We are constantly expanding our range of special-diet and gourmet items. Please check with your local QE Foodstore and advise them of your needs. You can contact each of our stores and check the range direct here.

Do you offer fresh bread in your store?

We have freshly baked artisanal bread daily. It’s a huge range that includes sourdough, wheat, rye, gluten-free, organic, sweet, savoury, crusty and soft. We also sell all your favourite national brands, of course. Each of our stores will have a slightly different range that is tailored top our local customer needs. So pop in and ask our staff if you cannot find what you need.

Can I buy fresh meat at QE Foodstores?

We have a range of local and organic premium meat which is carefully selected and fresh.

What other products do you sell?

QE Foodstores also sell magazines and newspapers, dairy, chocolates and confectionary, health and beauty products, fresh and frozen meals, herbs and spices, household products, juices, … and much, much more. Please pop into your local QE Foodstores and talk to our friendly staff if you cannot find what you need.

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